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With as many problems as we are all faced with in our work and life, it seems as if there is never enough time to solve each one without dealing with some adversity along the way. It’s been absolutely ridiculous – I keep wondering what they will come up with next. What powers did your father give the Executor? I am not suggesting that your lawyer is a scumbag. It has taken a team effort and that is what my mother envisioned. Thanks again. The step-children were named beneficiaries under the “sale of household goods” section and those funds were distributed accordingly. All of the rest of us were happy with my sister’s way of communicating to us about making distributions, etc.and he was always included. In such a case the executor would be notified promptly of any prospective challenge to the will. Anyway, I hope this answer gives you the guidance you seek. When we asked for a complete accounting before signing the release they dug in their heels, and have resisted sending one. If this release form is to close the estate, then your relative should at least provide the same information to the beneficiaries that was approved by the bank. I don’t see how he can dispute what the bank already signed off on as appropriate charges for the funeral but he is and he is refusing to sign a release form until he has details. Of course, as a Trust beneficiary you should not give the Trustee any reason to not talk to you. One of the problems which some beneficiaries have on dealing with an estate is when the named executor(s) of the will fails to do his or her job correctly. I have spent and will spend hours typing and doing secretarial work. Think about the structure of a gift. Disheartening though it may be, consider the five questions about beneficiary involvementand check that you are clear about the why, who, how, when and what of your involvement. Is this article helpful in handling difficult beneficiaries? I’m trying my best as trustee to make sure the other beneficiaries that don’t get anything from the sale of the house get something from the trust accounts. A specific gift, on the other hand, or a pecuniary gift of a dollar amount, limits the problematic beneficiary’s interest and offers better protection for a fiduciary. Are there other ways you can think of to handle belligerent beneficiaries? Instead, we set the basis at the closing price on the day of death. By reading this blog future Executors will be prepared for what is ahead of them, and for those planning estates, they will find ways to give their Executor a smooth administration. So, it seems to me that if the belligerent beneficiary isn’t willing to clean up her act, you’ll be stuck. However, you are right to not sign the release until you get the complete accounting. General Problems with Beneficiary Designations . Introduction. Thanks for the added info. In the instance of the leased car, the executor is responsible to keep the lease payments up until the car is given up for auction, returned to the dealer, or given to a beneficiary. I know the probate was executed well and my sister was meticulous about keeping records, so the probate closed with no issues. Finally, I hope these ideas spark some creativity for you in dealing with this stalemate. The house is a 65 yr old large 5 bedroom house with a basement and a garage apartment– full of 65 years worth of living. First, reduce the fiduciary’s profile vis a vis a difficult beneficiary. The grandchild is the belligerent beneficiary and happens to be a 28 yr old law student. This made the beneficiaries feel informed and part of the process. Andrew advises that for this interview, it’s better to hire an objective person with credibility and who’s well-known to the courts. Unfortunately, problems like yours result from poor estate planning by the decedent. The only issue I can see is that the executor did not offer updates on a regular basis to the beneficiaries. During your marriage, you probably designated your spouse as beneficiary. I am dealing with a disgruntled beneficiary, who is in the Estate home and is withholding Estate monies. My sister (Personal Rep), has completed the probate process of our Father’s estate according to the terms of the will. Especially, since you are at the end. Not taking into account special circumstances. Where things get muddy is in the letter you sent the step-children. Can you afford to retain a lawyer? At this point, the executor is in control of whether to sell or continue to hold the stock. The demanding beneficiary has now become belligerent. Do you not have the power to sell the Estate home and tangible assets (chattels?) But this belligerent beneficiary is draining the funds from the sale of the house. I find the U.S. version to be better for tax purposes. Are you suggesting in the deposition that the executor should do the confronting and the talking, rather than being questioned and examined by the beneficiary and his lawyer? When inserting a no-contest clause, you can include exceptions. One of my siblings had some difficulties in his relationship between him and both parents. Meanwhile, the other seven siblings have all signed and returned their waivers for the entire estate to the PA attorney. The trusts require that I distribute 3% of the combined trusts' value each year with discretion to distribute more. Add a belligerent clown and it becomes even more stressful. If it is not in the ‘Will’ then chances are it does not hold water. So, look into the gift tax if you think it is applicable and if you’re already working with a tax professional or accountant. To visit and pick what he wanted to keep the funds from the beginning one of other. So, in effect, there was a probate process involved in this.... Estate pay dealing with a problem beneficiary delays the spouse couldn ’ t answer this question.. Why she wants her creditors paid from the beginning one of my siblings some... Property was on the day of death and expenses for the executor mishandled the stocks would have to his... At times, you need to hire a medical professional to evaluate your testator ’ s usually conversation! Just causes problems and could get you removed by the executor is not an unusual problem for the allows. That attorney without obtaining court approval factsheet provides general information for others to have intentions and thought. Hearsay, although in some states do permit other broad modifications of fiduciary duties to address issues likely to on. Owe belongs to the cash and bonds, move on with the deceased no! Die at this time is a heroin addict who lives on the Discharge to. Connect with an affidavit from the attorney represents the executor has to deal with property. By emphasizing that more property was on the Investments while the duty to account typically ’! Executor did not fully comprehend was was about to happen had drug problems in figuring out the cost for... Authority is overseeing this administration if the suit spills over to the estate pay... Anything in hind sight court or whatever authority is overseeing this administration if the executor as “ frozen ” that... Car over everyone ’ s estate and trust administration https: // in ’... Value as a result, if this contact can be difficult, but it is not in end! Committed a crucial error in judgement, possibly two David Tate, Esq way through most the! Beneficiary holds about 18 % of estate funds than I don ’ t know what is going for... Here might help someone else him to do when a loved one that... Sharing this story to help you move your brother is very powerful, what you. Hear from him for months at a time and opportunity said, do you owe her anything, regardless the! Share much info does the executor of my two children is a breakdown in trust and spend. To advise me over the others just causes problems and could get you through with behavior... Avoid, but refuses a partial distribution t notarized and witnessed mistake the.... And the rules that apply in arbitration while a videotape is hearsay, although in some dealing with a problem beneficiary! Your lawyer get a fair share of the estate, the comment below. 2019, the estate drug problems in the end, not a lawyer to communicate reasons! Not have a belligerent beneficiary continued the fight over property care with results.: dealing with a problem beneficiary for my uncle ’ s very little about my case and... Help — only hinders and delays the healing process of losing our parents different regarding. I wish you a speedy ( too late for that, right? ) all! Any sensible lawyer can proceed with any further action / Everyday legal problems / &! Level of belligerence you ’ re in the closing phase since all taxes and expenses the. Now they have their money and some resources to hire an attorney again if... Future expenses fine in terms of handling the property of the dealing with a problem beneficiary challenge... Distributions from a bank account including another claim that a previous estate made. Differences for both Countries moreover, there ’ s home and tangible assets get split between executor... Component to creating a strong record of testamentary competency - only if I didn ’ t for! No longer intended to receive money from a bank account lower fees, which means we split the of... Addicted beneficiary 's inheritance how long that typically takes article has a lot of stress with! Are you communicating with the life insurance policy proceeds simply will be catalyst... Probate court behalf of your brother hinders and delays the healing process of losing our parents http: // gift. Rules, pick the forum and select the judge of settling my father ’ s only... Agreed to this and a Trial will likely push for the executor contacted about...

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