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Common examples of navigation sections are menus, tables of contents, and indexes. Learn about Mozilla and the issues that matter to us. Join the fight for a healthy internet. Metadata contains information about the page. User agents, such as screen readers targeting disabled users, can use this element to determine whether to omit the initial rendering of navigation-only content. The BrowserId is a unique ID on each BrowsingContext object, obtained using GetBrowserId, not a class.This ID will persist even when a BrowsingContext is replaced (e.g. Not rated yet. Only with Firefox—Get Firefox Now. In addition, the address of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web client must be configured as a trusted unified resource identifier (URI) in Firefox. This element makes it much easier to create a navigation menu, creates a neat horizontal menu of text links, and helps screen reading software to correctly identify primary navigation areas in the document. nav is a new element that makes it much easier to create a navigation menu. With appropriate CSS, this can be presented as a sidebar, navigation bar, or drop-down menu. Check out the home for web developer resources. Report this add-on for abuse. © 2005-2020 Mozilla and individual contributors. There are no ratings yet. nav is an HTML5 element and you can add whatever classes you want to it, they won’t change its semantics. The